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Our Flavors

Our Flavors
The house cakes...
Exclusive models and cakes of Sweet jane
Raspberry Princess...
Chocolate cake filled with raspberry mousse and raspberry Marmelade
...Selva Negra...
Chocolate cake filled with cherry jam, nata and cherry liqueur
Chocolate cake filled with choco mousse and choco ganache.
...Queen Caramel...
Vanilla cake filled with caramel ganache and vanilla Bourbon Mousse.
...Italian Tiramisu
Vanilla cake filled with coffee cream, chocolate ganache moistened with coffee and Amaretto syrup
...Crayz Oreo
Chocolate cake filled with oreo cream and oreo pieces.
Fancy Nutella...
Vanilla cake filled with Nutella cream and chocolate ganache.
...White Cotton...
Vanilla cake filled with pastry cream and Bourbon vanilla mousse.
...Red Velvet
Red Velvet cake filled with white chocolate mousse and cheesecream.
Peanut Butter...
Vanilla cake filled with peanut crunchy cream and Strawberry Marmelade.
Vanilla cake filled with pastry cream with pieces of peach, rum syrup and nata.
...Lemon Sensation
Vanilla cake filled with lemon mousse and pastry cream.
Tasty Carrot...
Carrot cake filled with cheesecream and nuts
Vanilla cake filled with coconut mousse and moistened with coconut milk, rum and cinnamon
...Dos Amores
Vanilla and chocolate cake filled with vanilla and chocolate brigadeiro ganache
Genovesa dough filled with mousseline cream  and mixed fruits.
...Passion CheeseCake...
Delicious new York Cheesecake with passion fruit topping.
Vanilla cake moistened with 3 milks filled with nata and fruits
Fruity Vanilla Cake...
Vainilla Cake with cream and fruits
...Caramel Flan...
Delicious egg flan with caramel topping. Gluten free.
...Tres Leches...
Tres Leches: Vanilla cake moistened with 3 milks and cinnamon

It is important for us to use the best materials and ingredients to make the cake of your dreams
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